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    Entitymanager merge not updating

    I do very much wish that Top Link would have much better support for GUI based tools, especially administrative tools.figures out how to persist the domain by looking at the ORM configuration, it performs the CRUD (create, read, update and delete) operations on the domain objects in this section you will learn about the starts to manage an entity, it synchronizes the entities state with the database, it also ensures that any changes are reflected in the database, it accomplishes this by holding an object reference to the managed entity and periodically checking for data freshness, if it finds that the entity has changed it synchronizes with the database.I am trying to update an entity in the database from a web client that calls a method in a stateful session bean. Hibernate version: 3.0.2 Mapping documents: I have the following code that according to hibernate logging sql results in 1. when calling Session.merge with an object already present in the dbtable(meaning: there's another object of the same type and id in the db - but with different details/values) - merge tries to do an insert instead of an ...That method looks like this : @Stateful public class Test One Action implements Test One Local { @Persistence Context(unit Name="unit Test") private Entity Manager em; public void update Entity(Entity entity) ...hihi, When I using Entity Manager.merge() method to update a Entity (team.class) that contained a list of Child Entities (member.class). Have a setup with Hibernate 3 whereby inserting collections through an inverse many-to-one relationship doesn't automatically set the parent's foreign key in the child when merging. Newbie Joined: Fri Jul 21, 2006 am Posts: 10 hi all!For example, in the Element class ...hi, can anyone enlighten me regarding the mecanism of persistence in EJB 3.0 ? I am using merge to save the data in the database, but I am getting and extra record. I believe that the problem is in the mapping file but I do not know what to do to resolve this problem. Problem Description: im using hibernate together with EMF 2.2.0 and elver.

    ==================== merge() is for "detached" entity only. The behavior is undefined if the same Java instance is made managed in more than one persistence context.

    Duplicate insert: @One To May with cascade "all" & merge Posted: Fri Dec 17, 2010 am Newbie Joined: Wed Sep 09, 2009 am Posts: 2 I have encountered a strange behavior of ... Main Entity me = get Main Entity(main Entity ID); // this will retrieve the Main Entity from database 3.

    I have an entity Main Entity Main Entity has a collection of Child Entity.

    Code: Transaction().begin(); Parent DBO parent = new Parent DBO(); ...

    As the authors of this excellent reference book have influence on the JCP for JPA, I would like to ask you to recommend that the Entity Manager merge method is upgraded to update any changes made to collections of related entities on One To Many relationships.

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