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    Nswindow not updating

    Note that any NSWindow with a title bar automatically constrains itself to the screen. The two principal functions of a window are to provide an area in which views can be placed and to accept and distribute, to the appropriate views, events the user instigates through actions with the mouse and keyboard., the class does not support coding.To keep the window’s top-left hand corner fixed when resizing, you must typically also reposition the origin, as illustrated in the following example. There are no additional flags to denote that the window is performing an animated resize operation (as distinct from a user-initiated resize).It is therefore up to you to capture relevant state information so that you can update the window contents appropriately in to set whether the window, when it is displayed, should cascade in relation to other document windows (that is, have a slightly offset location so that the title bars of previously displayed windows are still visible).Cursor-update events are a special kind of mouse-tracking event that the Application Kit handles automatically.When the mouse pointer enters a cursor rectangle, the Application Kit displays a cursor image appropriate to the type of view under the rectangle; for example, when a mouse pointer enters a text view, an I-beam cursor is displayed instead.

    Regardless of who is the file’s owner, the window controller is responsible for freeing all top-level objects in the nib file it loads.

    Important: The proper order of mouse-entered and mouse-exited events received by tracking rectangles in an application cannot be guaranteed.

    For example, if you move the mouse cursor from one tracking rectangle to another tracking rectangle in a view and back, the order of events (as messages) could be: initializer is invoked, the view is not yet associated with a window, so the tracking rectangle cannot yet be added to the window’s list.

    subclass) and, in turn, keeps a reference to the document.

    The relationship between a window controller and a nib file is important.

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